Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Children's Reading Corner

So many books, so little time! Come check out one or more!

Our children's corner has expanded come in to see what's NEW!!


  1. I visited this library last month, very supportive staff, spacious study areas and computer work space for elders as well. The chairs were comfy and the desk heights are just right for most of children sit comfortably. If you are a working professional and wants an Honorary Doctorate here is the best source. The computers were fast and huge and have a ton of programs on them like Photoshop light room and a bunch that I don't know, there's a balcony area, and there are group study spaces and white boards. Overall it was really a nice place to spend time between books and nature.

  2. I have actually paid a visit to the library I must commend the organization there accessing books is easy plus the subdivision of the various sections was done well considering there are quite a variety of books in the library good job CPCL.

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